How can I improve my kissing?

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I feel like I’m not a very good kisser, and I can tell my girlfriend is a little turned off when I kiss her. I feel stiff and nervouse. What can I do to improve my kissing??

Okay, take a deep breath and relax. Seriously. Chances are that your girlfriend is just as nervous about this as you are. now, time for deep down family honesty here: how’s your breath? If you smoke, eat lots of garlic or have other oral hygiene issues, you might just taste bad. Try brushing or mouthwash before the next makeout session and see if that helps. If that’s not an issue, what about your lips? A lot of guys don’t use lipbalm, thinking it makes them too metrosexual. Nope. It makes you kissable. Run the back of yur hand over your lips. If they seem scratchy to you, imagine how they feel on her soft lips. Go grab the chapstick. I’ll wait. Okay, there is, I suppose, a small chance that you are just a bad kisser. usually, that means you haven’t practiced much. So, my next advice is practice, practice, practice. And PAY ATTENTION! Are there things that she does like? Repeat those. Do not immediately stick your tongue down her throat. That’s gross. Also, try to match the amount of pressure she puts forth on your lips. What do I mean? I mean do not smash her lips. Try soft, barely touching kisses to start with. See how she reacts to that and then increase the contact and the pressue as you both become more interested. Finally, if none of these things work, as your girlfriend what’s bothering her. Chances are she has also noticed a problem with the way you kiss each other and is just as insecure about it as you are. Asking her for her opinion not only acknowledges you as the sensitive type who pays attention to her, but also takes the stress of having to ask what’s up away from her. She will be very grateful for this!

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The answer to "How can I improve my kissing?"

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