Can aloe vera help skin problems?

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Mama Nono, I have heard that aloe vera is good for burns. Is it good for any other skin problems?

Aloe Vera is a really amazing little plant. It is fairly simple to grow and keep alive too, even for the green thumb challenged. It’s a good plant to keep in the kitchen window for quick access as a natural remedy for a number of topical skin problems. I have used fresh aloe vera to help with small burns, allergic rashes, small sores, an incision area after surgery and for a sunburned nose. It has helped with every one of those for me with no bad reactions. It definitely had soothing and healing properties. I have kept a live Aloe Vera plant around for years. I have also heard it is good for herpes, athlete’s foot, sties, acne, dry skin, shingles and insect bites, although I can’t verify those personally. Aloe Vera is very simple to use. The plant grows like cactus with long stiff pointed branches. To use the aloe vera plant you simply take a good sharp paring knife and cut a piece off of the tip of one branch. The cut doesn’t kill the branch and there is still plenty of good medicine in the branch below the cut off piece. It closes up and heals itself. Then you slice open the cut piece and use the gelatinous substance on the inside of the plant. You apply it directly to the affected skin area. It is cool from the inside of the aloe vera plant. I know I have felt some relief right away from some things that I have used it on. If you look at many commercial skin care products content labels from moisturizing creams to other creams and ointments you will often find Aloe Vera listed as one of the ingredients. Give it a try but like anything watch for any adverse reactions. I haven’t had any and neither have a number of my friends who swear by the Aloe Vera plant, but every person is different. Buy an Aloe Vera plant and try it out. It might surprise you. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Can aloe vera help skin problems?"

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