How should I store all these hold hand me down clothes?

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I am overwhelmed with hand me down clothing. My two kids, a boy and a girl are younger than many friends and family member’s children. They give me tons of hand me downs, but my closets just don’t have room for things the kids can’t fit into yet. I want to keep the clothes so right now I have everything jumbled in big bags in the garage but I don’t like storing them that way. Do you have any suggestions?

You have one of the solutions already at hand. You don’t have room in your closets but you do have storage room in your garage. Make efficient and much neater use of that space you are already using with the jumbled clothing bags. Wash all the clothes that have been sitting out in the garage for awhile. That way when you store them, you are starting with a clean slate. Then go to the store and buy large plastic bins with snap on lids. Make sure you get good quality ones with solid lids that can be piled on top of each other easily. They should snap securely closed. If you buy poor quality ones they may not last through the years you will need them for. Get the big ones if you have a lot of clothes in each size. Plus since you get many hand me downs there is a good chance you will need more room, so get the bigger bins. Buy one for each size of clothing and each sex. The best ones are the clear or opaque ones. It is easier to see what is stored in them. Sort out all the clothing by sex and size. Since you get a large selection, pick out any that you know you really won’t want to use and donate them to a good local charity or church group. Don’t throw them away. Someone can use them. If they are really worn use them for rough play clothes or use them as rags for cleaning or for art projects needing fabric scraps. Then using large sticky labels or plain white pieces of paper and clear packing tape, put a size and boy or girl label on the top and side of each and every plastic storage bin. You will easily be able to see which bin you need to pull out that way when you need to. Wash, sort and file clothing into the appropriate size and sex bin as you receive any future hand me down clothing as soon as you receive them. That way you can keep on top of the influx and keep them organized. When you children grow into the next sizes, empty the next sized bin of clothing and put it in their closets. Then you have room for more hand me downs in an eave large size. Have fun organizing all those lovely freebies! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How should I store all these hold hand me down clothes?"

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