What should I do with my childrens old paintings?

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My children love drawing, painting and coloring. I have piles and piles of their creations and I don’t know what to do with them all. I hate throwing them all out. What can I do with them ?

There are many ways to use all those beautiful artistic masterpieces and put them to good use. Pick a display place in your house for a few of your current favourite pieces of art. It can be the anything from the front of your refrigerator to a large cork or bulletin board or even frames that get used over and over again for new chosen favourites. Obviously you can’t frame or display every piece of art that comes home, especially if you have more than one child. Your house would soon be covered wall to wall in every room with elementary school originals. I know we are all proud of our children’s creations but that is a little overkill even to the most devoted parent. So what do you do with all the rest of the lovely decorated pieces of paper? For the environment you can reuse and recycle them in a very creative way. Instead of buying all that expensive wrapping paper at the stores, make use of the artistic creations your children bring home by the backpack load. Children’s drawings make creative custom made gift wrapping paper. Decorate the wrapped packages with some nice reusable fabric ribbon and you have a personalized masterpiece to present to anyone. Relatives, grandparents and friends will be touched. The children themselves will be thrilled that their creation contributed to the special presentation of the gift. Make sure you are careful and don’t use art work that was extra special to them that might crush their little hearts by being bent or folded. Even children can get attached to a creation. Make a big fuss when you do use one and let them know how much they contributed. It makes them feel appreciated. Enjoy all the art! Mama Nono

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The answer to "What should I do with my childrens old paintings?"

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