What are some natural sunburn remedies?

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I am very careful with about making sure my children play in the sun wearing sunscreen. Sometimes it wears off or we miss areas when we are applying it and they get sunburned. What are some natural sunburn remedies?

Hey I applaud you for being a diligent mother when it comes to your children playing out in the sun. It is better to prevent long term skin damage from the sun in the first place than have to deal with it somewhere down the road. Children love to play in the outdoors and that shouldn’t be discouraged. It is better to prevent the burns. Sometimes they do slip by us though and then you need to take away the sting and the heat of a sunburn. There are a number of favourite old remedies and variations people use. I stress I am no doctor but these are things that have worked for me with my family and in my growing up years. I have very pale skin and when I burned I really burned. First take a cool shower but don’t scrub your tender skin. Just pat yourself dry. If you rub your burned skin with a dry towel, you will just make it more sensitive. Be gentle. This is a burn you are treating. Try using simple undiluted apple vinegar to help take the sting out of a sunburn and a bad sunburn can really sting. You may smell a bit like a salad after you apply it but it really helps take some of the sting out of the sunburn. You can always rinse it off again later. The point is to get some of the sting to subside immediately. Another thing that always helped me immensely were cool compresses, changed again and again in the. They definitely made the burn more bearable. Get a nice big bowl of cold water. Don’t put ice itself directly on a burn. You could damage the skin further. Really cold water can help a great deal though. Spread the wet washcloths or small towels over areas of the sunburn. The cool water helps take the heat out of the burn. Keep rotating them from one burned area to another, making sure you dip the towels or washcloths in the water every time you move one of them. Protect yourself and your children in the sun but if they do get burned, treat the burn just like you would treat any other injury, with care. Heal quickly! Mama Nono

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The answer to "What are some natural sunburn remedies?"

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