Are bed bugs real? Do they hurt and how do I recognize them?

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I saw a news story recently about bed bugs in hotels. I always thought that was just a children’s rhyme. What are bed bugs and do they hurt? how do I get them? How do I know if I have them or worse yet, if my hotel room has them?

Bed bugs are no children’s rhyme. When someone tells you “goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”. They aren’t kidding. They really do exist. Bed bugs need blood to feed and reproduce, so they do bite. They can live for awhile without blood to feed on. Both the male and females of the species feed on blood. The severity of a bite may differ from one person to the next, but the bed bug leaves bites that can cause red itchy welts which are very uncomfortable and can easily make for sleepless nights. When a large number of bed bugs are present you can end up with whole areas of your skin covered in itchy bites. If there are a large number of bed bugs present, they may feed voraciously and lead to anaemia in poorly nourished children in particular. To reproduce they have to feed on blood. Bedbugs are easy to spot. If you are concerned that the hotel room you are staying in has them, pull off the bedding and examine the mattress thoroughly with a good light. The bugs are dark coloured and easily visible to the human eye. They are approximately �” long, have no wings and they have an oval flat body with legs and antennae. The younger immature bed bugs are somewhat lighter in colour. If you find the bed infested with them, don’t be afraid to inform the front desk and ask for another room. You will be doing both you and the hotel a favour. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Are bed bugs real? Do they hurt and how do I recognize them?"

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