Do you have any good natural remedies for PMS?

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Dear Mamma, I have a good husband and wonderful kids, but it seems like once a month they all turn into monsters and make me yell at them. My husband says it’s me who changes. Do you or Granny have any good natural remedies for what he calls PMS from Hell?

Premenstrual Syndrome can occur a week or even two before your menstruation. How it affects each person is individual to that particular person. It can be psychological, physical or emotional or you may get the triple whammy and be hit with all three. It sounds like you get hit with the emotional mood swings. That is when everyone else in the house needs to run and duck for cover because the beast is out. That may be an extreme interpretation but it is how it feels sometimes. Just don’t cross the beast. There are some natural remedies for PMS that you may find helpful. Some of them are very simple. Even though you may not feel like it, exercise can help relieve the tension and emotional swing of PMS. It should be an aerobic exercise that is done frequently, not just when the symptoms occur. Exercises like going on a bicycle ride, a nice fast paced walk, swimming running or dancing are good aerobic exercises. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, yoga, and quiet meditation may help. This is also a good time to use your creativity and write, draw, sculpt or work in the garden to relax and release some of the tension build up. The creative release may also help deal with the extreme emotions and give you a healthy way to express them. Reduce or get rid of the caffeine in your diet. Caffeine can make physical symptoms worse which then set off your emotions even more. Watch your diet by decreasing your salt and sugar consumption and increasing the amount of fresh wholesome foods you eat like fresh produce, light meat like fish and beans or nuts. These seem like simple remedies but you may find they help. Get rid of the beast and bring back the loving wife and mother they know and love. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Do you have any good natural remedies for PMS?"

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