How can I ease my constipation and go more often?

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Granny, Lately I have had trouble with my bowels and don’t know where to turn. I eat lots of fiber, fresh fruit and veggies, but I only seem to have the urge to go ever two or three days. When I do go, I’m afraid I’ll clog the toilet. How can I go more frequently with less volume?

You sound like my father. He had a lot of troubles with his digestion. Part of it was caused by medications he was taking at the time but some of it was just his system and how it worked. If you are taking any medications check to see it that may be one of the causes of the problems you are having and let your doctor know. Being constipated can be very uncomfortable and very painful. It isn’t good to have to strain either when you need to go to the bathroom. Dad ate plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits too and downed that horrible dry high fiber cereal periodically. I tired that though and it was like eating sawdust, but if it works go for it. .Some things seemed to help him digest his foods better and not get plugged up as much. He was active man and when he felt constipated he would go for a couple walks a day to help stimulate the movement of his bowels. It seemed to help. He also took a very mild over the counter fiber product that he mixed in with water when it was really bad. I had to take that stuff after a couple surgeries where I was not allowed to strain at all and it did help although the taste and texture was pretty disgusting. He seemed to prefer the taste and texture to the discomfort. He was a bath taker. It seemed to help him relax and helped his muscles relax. He also liked his coffee which is definitely a stimulant and diuretic but is not an option for everyone. You may have to experiment to see what helps you but try some of these suggestions and see if any of them help you at all. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I ease my constipation and go more often?"

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