How do I keep my son from spreading his mono to the family?

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My son caught mononucleosis and I am concerned that everyone else in the family will get it. What is it and how can I keep everyone from catching it?

Mononucleosis is a virus that is spread by contact with saliva, hence the nickname “the kissing disease.” It isn’t just spread by kissing though. It can be spread by touching anything that has had contact with the affected person’s saliva. The most contagious time is when the person who has mono has a fever, but it can be contagious when the fever is gone too. It slowly goes away by itself and you can only treat the symptoms like the sore throat and fever and exhaustion. It can take time to recover. It may be contagious though for many months after the person with mono is feeling better. Symptoms of mono may not even appear for more than 30 days after the person catches it. They may not even realize they have it and be unknowingly spreading it around. Symptoms of the illness include but are not limited to excessive tiredness, fever , headache and a sore throat. Many people get it and never even know they had it as the symptoms are like other illnesses. You need a blood test to give a definite diagnosis. Make sure he and you listen to what his body is telling him. When I caught it in college I was told to get plenty of rest, which wasn’t difficult because I was exhausted for weeks .I was told not to overdo anything even after the initial symptoms were gone. My appetite was way down but I ate foods high in iron and vitamins like green veggies and liver. Sharing food, drinking glasses, eating utensils, dishes and so forth is a definite no no if you want to help keep other family members from catching it. Make sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly throughout the day. Tell your son to cover his mouth when he sneezes or coughs. Keep surfaces he touches wiped clean, like faucet and door handles. I was restricted from food preparation areas when I had it which was probably a very good idea. In fact I wasn’t even allowed to wash or touch any dishes. That part I didn’t mind. Use common sense and the same techniques you use to prevent other contagious illnesses from spreading. Keep well, Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I keep my son from spreading his mono to the family?"

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