How do I get my child to eat his veggies?

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My child hates veggies and fusses loudly when he has to eat them. How can I get him to eat them?

Sometimes getting a child to eat something they don’t want to involves tricking them. Battles with children over food can ruin a meal for everyone around them. Taking a fussy eater out can be a real nightmare, especially when there is nothing that appeals to them on the menu. If they aren’t happy they will make every one else miserable including themselves. One way to trick them into eating veggies is to disguise them in other items of food. Homemade spaghetti sauce is a great way to incorporate veggies into a meal. When you make the sauce be sure to add mushrooms, onions, parsley ,broccoli, bell peppers or whatever other vegetables you are trying to get them to eat. The trick is to make sure they are very finely minced or even put in the food processor then saut´┐Żed in olive oil. When they are finely minced or ground they just make the sauce seem nice and thick but it is packed with veggies and vitamins. You can do the same thing with casseroles. The more you disguise the veggies, the less they notice. You can disguise them in a different way. You can cut fresh veggies into dipping sticks or even into shapes. You can combine them and create veggie animals. Then give them a dip to use to dunk the veggie sticks or animals into when they eat them. Use little tricks to get them to eat vegetables. Some the strangest ideas will catch them off guard and appeal to them. Tell them they are giants eating teeny trees when you serve them broccoli. Make a story or game out of it. When I was small I didn’t’ want to eat mushrooms. My mother started calling them chicken of the sea hearts. Don’t ask me why but suddenly as a small child I envisioned pretty valentines and started eating mushrooms. My Mom knew me pretty well. Get the kids involved in meal preparation too. If they don’t just get it handed to them and have to help they may appreciate it more. Practice what you preach. Show him by example how much you enjoy eating your own vegetables. Even growing your own veggies may help. The children might enjoy seeing how plants develop and turn into vegetables. This worked with my niece and many times she was known to go out to the garden and munch out on fresh veggies while she played in the yard. Eat Your Veggies! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How do I get my child to eat his veggies?"

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