Is my junior high daughter too old to sleep with stuffed animals?

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My junior high daughter still likes to have her favorite stuffed animal to sleep with. Is she too old to still be doing this?

I know I may get flack for this answer from other parents but my answer is no she is not too old to sleep with her favourite stuffed animal. Finding comfort from something as simple as holding a stuffed animal is a harmless way to sooth herself. Looking at an extreme example, my thinking is this is a much healthier normal way to find comfort than through any other possibilities children of all ages are exposed to now. She could be looking for comfort in something like drugs or alcohol or running off and hanging out with the wrong crowd or even involved in an inappropriate relationship with a boy. Think about all the stresses in your own adult life and imagine how nice it would be if a simple stuffed animal helped take your worries away and helped you to sleep at night. Sometimes kids want to grow up too fast and other times we get overprotective and have a hard time letting them find out things on their own. If your daughter has managed to hang on to enough innocence and found that hanging onto something that has always given her simple comfort still works, then let her have that comfort. Growing up can be very stressful, especially at the teen level. Holding on to a stuffed animal does not mean that she is being childish either. It may just means she likes it. Don’t over analyze it and just let her find her own simple and harmless method of finding peace. Maybe we could learn something from her by looking for simple comforts too. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Is my junior high daughter too old to sleep with stuffed animals?"

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