How old should my daughter be to get her ears pierced?

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How old should a child be before they get their ears pierced? My daughter is going into first grade. Is that too young?

When and if you chose to allow your daughter to get her ears pierced is totally up to the parents. Some parents forbid it altogether. With my own daughter I told her she was allowed to have it done when she turned five and was in Kindergarten. She was so afraid to have it done though that she decided she didn’t want to until she was in 4th grade. I was surprised and admittedly a little disappointed but she knew she was old enough under my rules for my own child and the decision not to do it yet was up to her. She finally came and asked me in 4th grade so I took her then and we made it a special rite of passage and event.. Some people have their babies ears pierced. The one concern I have with that is the possibility one could come loose and they might ingest it. It looks very sweet on a baby but that issue does concern me some. If your daughter is begging you to get her ears pierced and you agree, make sure she understands that she has to take care of her ears carefully after they are pierced by turning the earrings and keeping the piercing clean. Usually they have to keep the piercing pair in their ears without removing them for about 6 weeks. Then you also have to be careful to watch for any kind of metal allergies or reactions. Some people are allergic to one or more kinds of metals and the reaction can cause swelling and infection, so be aware. She will also need to learn how to store and care for her earrings carefully as she gets more. Getting her ears pierced is also something you can use as a reward for a job well done for something she needs to work on. It might motivate her if she has something you would like her to work on or improve. It would make a great birthday or Christmas gift too. Getting your ears pierced is a special event for a girl. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How old should my daughter be to get her ears pierced?"

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