When should I start reading to my baby?

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I am pregnant with my very first child so I am thinking about everything I will be doing as the baby grows. I am an avid reader and I am curious what you think is a good time to start reading to a child.

In a simple answer my belief is right away, when your child is an infant. In fact some people begin reading to their children when they are still in the womb. It certainly wouldn’t hurt. Children are like sponges and begin absorbing all kinds of knowledge from the world around them even when they are very small. Reading to them as infants serves a double purpose. It becomes an additional bonding time with your child that they will quickly learn to associate as something special. It also stimulates their brains and speech centers to hear you talking to them. You can even make reading something interactive with infants. Pick books made of cloth or that are wipe-able so the baby can hold the books with no fear of them being destroyed or if them ingesting bits of paper. Babies put everything in their mouths. It is part of how they learn about the world around them. Play little games while you read to a baby like pointing at pictures and making a singsong game. Use books with bold simple pictures or rhythmic ones and make it a game that gets them involved while you read to them. For instance saying the word “big” and holding their arms and making the big gesture with them. The physical stimulation reinforces the learning. You can even start teaching them the basics of reading and math by reading stories that have the alphabet and basic counting numbers. They may absorb more than you realize and repetition is a great learning technique with young children. Start your baby off on the right foot and start reading to him or her right away. You will get pleasure out of the experience too.

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The answer to "When should I start reading to my baby?"

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