Why is it a bad thing for me to chew on ice?

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I love chewing ice. Why is it a bad thing for my teeth for me to chew on ice?

I love to chew ice too but it is a bad habit because it can damage your teeth so I try not to. Chewing hard ice can create cracks or tiny holes in your teeth. It puts a lot of stress on the teeth when you chew ice. Ice is water but in its frozen form it is a little like chewing on rocks which you would never do. The extreme cold while chewing isn’t good for your teeth either. Over time, especially if you chew a lot of ice, the little cracks can turn into major damage, broken and chipped teeth. It can eventually mean costly repairs and visits to the dentist to fix the damage cause by chewing ice. Chewing ice is a habit you want to cure yourself of but it isn’t always easy to break a habit especially one you get pleasure from. If you really have a need to chew ice, chew smaller broken pieces that have been in a cold drink or even a flavoured slush type ice drink. The ice is a little softer in those and will put less stress on your teeth. Try to suck on the ice instead of chewing it if it is the cold you crave. Try substituting something else crunchy when you get the urge to chew ice. Try chewing on chilled cut up carrot sticks, peanuts, other nuts, chilled fresh sliced apples or anything crunchy and chewy instead to give you that satisfying crunch and chewing feeling in your mouth. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why is it a bad thing for me to chew on ice?"

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