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Ask Granny Remedies is a website devoted to helping people with their problems, and also offering time tested home remedy advice for various ailments.

Granny is a wise old lady who's been around the block more than most. If you can't handle the truth, don't ask her a question. She's not one to "sugar coat" the answer to any question. She'll tell you how it really is, and give you advice on about any topic under the sun.

Mamma, on the other hand, is a litle more "soft". She is here to nurture you, and sometimes completely disagrees with Granny. She'll be chiming in on your questions and problems, and will do her best to stay positive, while still giving you good advice - that makes you feel good too!

Together, Granny and Mamma are a wonderful combination to help you through the tough times, and not so tough times. Home remedies and good sound advice on life's little problems... and it's FREE.

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