Am I Going To Be Kicked Out of the Air Force?

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Am I going to kicked out of the Air Force?

I beg your pardon? Perhaps you have confused Granny with any of the multitude of psychic sites available on the internet? Last time I checked, I did not have the ability to see into the future. I broke my darned crystal ball last week, and this plastic one just isn’t doing its job.

OK, if it were merely for grammar, you would already be on your way out. All kidding aside, what in the world have you done, child?? If you are asking me this question, this means that you sort of already know the answer. Good lord, what in tarnation did you do to warrant getting booted from the Air Force??

Let’s just kindly assume that your offense was not a felony, and that there is yet a chance for you to redeem yourself. Pull your head out of your nether region and admit culpability to whatever heinous act you committed. Sometimes, the anticipation of punishment is worse than the actual discipline involved. We all make bone-head decisions sometimes in our lives, and your superiors know that. Contrary to popular belief, they were young once, too. It’s better to just say, “Hey, I made a dumb mistake and I was wrong” than to perpetuate a lie of innocence.

If, on the other hand, you did nothing to be ashamed of, then respectfully say as much to your commanding officer. Your character and respectful demeanor go a long way towards how folks view you, as well as the possibility of your innocence. And if you are obscuring facts to help someone else who’s in trouble-Well, the “team” sentiment is nice, but you’d be robbing them of one of Life’s Great Lessons if you took a fall for someone else. Everyone makes mistakes; smart people learn from them.

Please write back and let me know how you are; Granny cares, and is always glad to see you!

Love, Granny

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The answer to "Am I Going To Be Kicked Out of the Air Force?"

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