Any tips for getting kids ready for school each morning?

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Any tips for getting kids ready for school each morning?

Plan ahead of time in order to make the school mornings go smoothly. Do what can be done the night before and don’t save it all for the next morning. Check to make sure they aren’t forgetting to give you notes about upcoming events or last minute changes and plans. Put the clothing they will wear the next day for school, already laid out in their rooms and ready to go. Have everything ready including shoes, socks and any outer gear like coats and gloves if it is cold. If they are old enough have them do it themselves or be involved in the choices to prevent arguing with them in the morning over something they don’t want to wear or you don’t want them to wear to school. Have all the school supplies and homework packed up and set near the door or if lunches are put in the kid’s backpacks put them all in the kitchen where they will be eating and grabbing their bag lunches. That way everything is in one place. You won’t have kids running all over looking for missing things at the last second and frantic stressful interactions between you and the kids. Calm will prevail on school mornings if everyone thinks ahead and plans accordingly. Start your kids off young learning how to do this and they will learn some skills related to time management and organization, not to mention some sense of responsibility for themselves and a little awareness of others besides themselves in their home. Getting ready for school can be an easy task or a stressful one. It is in the preparation and organization. Have a great day! Mama Nono

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The answer to "Any tips for getting kids ready for school each morning?"

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