Are boys or girls easier to raise?

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Are boys or girls easier to raise?

Ask a room full of parents that question and you are bound to get different answers. No matter how equally you treat your children, boys and girls are very different creatures and each individual child comes with their own pros and cons. You can’t lump all girls or all boys into one mold, but that being said there are similarities and differences in behaviors and interactions that differ between the two sexes. Personally I have always found girls to be easier to deal with than boys but I think that is more because I relate better to girls from personal experience than I do to boys. If you ever get a chance to sit and observe young kids at play it is quite interesting to see how boys or girls handle the same situation or problem. Not every boy or every girl fit into this generalization and it is a generalization, but girls tend to be more social and verbal where boys tend to be more physical. Sit in a room full of young girls and there are times you would like to have some sort of volume control to turn them down. A room full of young boys you may find yourself wishing you could tether them in one spot so they aren’t bouncing off the walls. At each age and for both boys and girls, the problems change as they age into teenagers. You may find that one who was easy to deal with at one age is impossible to deal with at another. Which is easier to raise, boys or girls? You may as well toss a coin to get what approximates a definitive answer to that question. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Are boys or girls easier to raise?"

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