Besides red meats, how else can I get protein in my diet?

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Besides red meats, how else can I get protein in my diet?

Protein is present in other foods than only meats and fish. Milk contains protein as do other dairy products like cheeses and yogurt. A cup of milk has more than 6 grams of protein in it. 150 grams of plain yogurt contains 8 grams of protein. One egg alone has about six grams of protein. So if you made a three egg omelet with a few ounces of cheddar cheese he would get 25 to 30 grams of protein in your meal. Don’t forget that things like ice cream and even baked goods can contain protein too. 100 grams of tofu, which is a soy protein is another source of protein. It contains 8 grams of protein. Beans have protein in them and can contain up to 3 grams in half a cup. Even a lot of process foods like snack and energy bars, breakfast cereals and other boxed foods can have added protein in them. There are also other meats that are rich in protein. Fish and seafood are high in protein. So are poultry like chicken and turkey. Do not forget to add pork to this list too. You do need to be careful about the fat contents in some of these sources of protein. Pick leaner cuts of meat for a healthier protein source. Salmon is high in fats but it is the good fat that helps o keep your cholesterol low, so it is good for you. Do not forget that nuts are also source of protein. Protein is present in many more foods than just red meat. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Besides red meats, how else can I get protein in my diet?"

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