Can dogs eat everything that people eat?

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Can dogs eat everything that people eat?

Dogs shouldn’t eat everything that people eat. Some of what we eat is dangerous for dogs. They may eat it and experience no problems and dogs may think they can eat anything they get a hold of but they shouldn’t eat everything. One food we humans consume that can very dangerous for dogs is chocolate and any other form of drink or food that contains caffeine. These can affect the nervous system and their hearts. Grapes and raisins seem harmless enough but not for some dogs. They can cause kidney damage in dogs. Alcohol is another no no for dogs. You can get a more complete list online or from a veterinarian’s office. Dogs may be willing and eager to try and eat almost everything but that doesn’t mean it is good for them even if they do like it. Dogs will eat things that aren’t even food like bones that can pierce their innards and in the case of my dog, a pile of bacon grease soaked paper towels that were in the kitchen garbage. If it smells good to them or remotely seems like something edible they may try to eat it. In that a dog is not unlike a toddler. They have to try everything. If you really want to give your dog a human type food, make something lean like rice and skinless, boneless chicken breast cut up. Think lean foods, not fat from the meat or even cat food which is much higher in fats than dog food is. When you feed a dog, think about the care you take when feeding a human baby and look into what your dog should or shouldn’t eat before you give it to your dog, even if they are looking at you with those soulful, wistful, sad eyes that make you feel guilty because you are not sharing with them. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Can dogs eat everything that people eat?"

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