Can dogs express emotion?

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Can dogs express emotion?

Obviously since dogs can’t speak they have to express emotion and feelings in a different way than we humans do. Dogs do have emotions and feelings and anyone who has a dog as a family member knows they have different moods the same we human beings do. Sometimes they even mimic our moods the same way our human kids do. Get to know your dog by paying attention to how they react to different situations and you will learn how to read the clues they readily give to show their feelings and emotions. Dogs are straightforward. The emotion they show is what they are feeling. Dogs express emotion through body language and their method of verbalization, their bark. A frightened, scolded or sad dog my tuck their tail between their legs, lower their head, avert their eyes or even withdraw and leave the room if they are sad or upset. A dog may also become clingy and follow their family members around to feel more secure when they are frightened or lonely. Ears are another clue to how they are feeling and of course how a dog is holding its tail is another way to see if they are happy, excited or sad. Some dogs are quite exuberant in the use of the tail wag to show happiness and pleasure. They may also show how they are feeling both physically and emotionally by how they are eating. If they are sad, ill or upset you may notice a change in how a dog is eating. Dogs may be very energetic or lethargic when an emotion or physical feeling is affecting them. Learn to read the clues. Like humans, every dog has a different personality and may react differently to how they are feeling. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Can dogs express emotion?"

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