Can I doa divorce cheaply?

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Can I do a divorce cheaply?

Yes you can avoid high lawyer’s costs and get an inexpensive divorce. Both parties need to be in agreement though. What often drives costs up is bickering over details. Each of you has to go into the divorce knowing precisely what you want ahead of time and be willing to compromise some if there are disagreements. Some places allow you to file all your own paperwork. If that is not an option then there are reasonably inexpensive, divorce yourself services available through some lawyers. They draw up the documents with the specifics and the two divorcing parties sign. Then they file them for you. The difficult part with this is setting aside unnecessary bickering and battling and coming to agreements ahead of time. This isn’t always possible in a divorce, especially if there is a lot involved or there are unresolved custodial disagreements over children or even pets. The realities of the costs of divorce are very real though and to avoid a lot of them, using a self divorce service is a much more viable option especially for people on a budget. You basically have to act like adults and not get into pettiness. That is not always easy to do as divorce can be a very volatile and emotional experience. If you do this kind of quick divorce, look over all the details carefully before you sign the final papers to make sure they are correct. That way you avoid further litigation in the future. No one wants to hand over hard earned money to lawyers when it isn’t necessary. It can be done inexpensively. Basically both parties need to keep their heads calm to make this type of divorce work. Good luck! Mama Nono

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The answer to "Can I doa divorce cheaply?"

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