Can I grow herbs indoors?

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Can I grow herbs indoors?

The answer is a definite yes. Many types of herbs will grow fine indoors. Because they are in pots though, they will not be as big as herb plants that are free to grow and expand outdoors. A window sill in the kitchen or any other window area is a good place to put potted herbs. Herbs are fairly low maintenance but not all kinds do well indoors. Herbs choices that do well indoors are basil, mints, parsley, rosemary, oregano, sage and chives. You can plant herbs indoors in almost any container that is well drained but they do very well in clay or terra cotta pots. You want a good quality standard potting soil for them to do well. To get the best use of window light, turn the pots once a week to ensure the herbs are getting full light exposure on all sides. Keep them in an area that is kept somewhat warm, about 50 or 55 degrees at night and warmer during the day. That is another reason a kitchen setting is good for indoor plants. It tends to be a little warmer in a kitchen, plus you see them all the time so you don’t forget to water the herbs. You don’t want the soil staying bone dry all the time. To make the indoor herb plants last longer, pinch off dead growth and any flowers that may form. Fresh herbs are wonderful in foods and having them growing indoors where you can get to them easily makes you more likely to remember to use them fresh off the plant in your cooking. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Can I grow herbs indoors?"

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