Can I prayer to God like I talk to a regular person?

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Is it o.k. to pray to God like I talk to a regular person or do prayers have to be formal only?

Isn’t prayer the way you communicate with God? How would you communicate with anyone else? It is important to keep God in your daily life. He would rather you come to him with an open honest heart that really believes and wants to communicate with him than to come spouting the same words over and over again just because those are the only words you know or are taught as the way to talk to him. There is so much more than that. God knows all, but he wants you to come to him with everything in your life good or bad and you can’t always put your personal experiences and feelings in the form of a memorized prayer. Many of them are beautiful and real but they are just the tip of the iceberg with God. Do you think he doesn’t listen to people just because they don’t know the exact wording taught by one sect or another? What about people who believe in him, follow his teachings and his written word but don’t know those particular prayers? He will still hear them and listen to them. Believing in God is not just about going to church on Sunday and spewing out the same prayers then and the rest of the week. It is about having God in all parts of your existence. He wants you to talk to him. There is nothing wrong with prepackaged prayers but they are only the beginning. Of course it is o.k. to pray to God the way you talk to a regular person. That isn’t being disrespectful, that is being real. He wants real. He wants you. MamaNono

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The answer to "Can I prayer to God like I talk to a regular person?"

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