Can I recycle old batteries?

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Can I recycle old batteries?

Many areas now offer ways to recycle old batteries. We use batteries in so many products. One option is to cut down on the consumption of batteries by buying a recharger and rechargeable batteries. You are still using batteries but they will last a lot longer and not only help the environment but your cash out put too. Until they come up with something better than batteries for all the electronic gadgetry and toys, making the batteries we do use more efficient is a step in the right direction. Do not throw old batteries into the regular garbage if there is any other option available to you for recycling old batteries. Batteries are full of dangerous heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury. Those are dangerous to the environment and the leaching out of those metals from old batteries can contaminate the ground and the water. They can also be very corrosive. We as consumers use billions of batteries every year and all those old batteries can really pollute. Check with your disposal company to see if they have any kind of special disposal service for batteries, including small household and toy usage batteries and old automobile batteries. They may offer a pickup service or be able to tell you the locations of recycling centers that will take old batteries. They will most likely be taken to a hazardous waste area instead of the general waste onbeforeunload=”[object]” onafterprint=”[object]” top=”[object]” location=”[object]” parent=”[object]” offscreenBuffering=”auto” frameElement=”[object]” onerror=”[object]” screen=”[object]” event=”[object]” clipboardData=”[object]” onresize=”[object]” defaultStatus=”” onblur=”[object]” window=”[object]” onload=”[object]” onscroll=”[object]” screenTop=112 onfocus=”[object]” Option=”[object]” length=2 onbeforeprint=”[object]” frames=”[object]” self=”[object]” clientInformation=”[object]” XMLHttpRequest=”[object]” external=”[object]” screenLeft=0 opener=”[undefined]” onunload=”[object]” document=”[object]” closed=false history=”[object]” Image=”[object]” navigator=”[object]” status=”” onhelp=”[object]” name=”” oDCfauxCSS=”[object]” iMinWordCount=”250″ iWordCount=281 bSkipExport=false o=”[object]” oSearchPanel=”[object]” oSearchForm=”[object]” oSearchTableDIV=”[object]” oSearchFor=”[object]” oSearchSubject=”[object]” oSearchType=”[object]” oExcluding=”[object]” oSearchAnswerField=”[object]” oSearchQuestionField=”[object]” oAccountSummery=”[object]” oASQuser_name=”[object]” oASQuser_total_answered=”[object]” oASQuser_answers_paid=”[object]” oASQuser_earning_answer=”[object]” oASQtotal_due=”[object]” oBrowsePosition=”[object]” oWYSIWYGquestion=”[object]” oQuestionTitle=”[object]” oDCrich_QuestionTextDisplay00=”[object]” oQuestionTextDisplay=”[object]” oWYSIWYGeditor=”[object]” oEditorPosition=”[object]” oDCrich_textEditor11=”[object]” oTextEditor=”[object]” oWYSIWYGform=”[object]” oWYSIWYGcommand=”[object]” oSave=”[object]” oCancel=”[object]” oCheckout=”[object]” oDelete=”[object]” oEdit_id=”[object]” oEdit_content=”[object]” oSpinners=”[object]” oSpinnersTime=”[object]” oW3c=”[object]” oDebug=”[object]” oErrors=”[object]” oRequests=”[object]” oXMLsubjects=”[object]” oQUERYricheditLoad=”select * from question where question_id=’8406′” oJSONricheditLoad=”[object]” oXMLricheditLoad=”[object]” szQuery_Lock=”” bAlreadyAnswered=false oSpy=”[object]” sites. Buy things that can be recharged if at all possible and avoid buying batteries when you don’t need to or there is another option. Make sure you dispose of old batteries properly. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Can I recycle old batteries?"

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