Can you give me a home remedy to help cure lyme disease?

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Can you give me a home remedy to help cure lyme disease?

All my life, I’ve purely despised blood-sucking parasites. But enough about big-city lawyers and politicians. Seriously-mosquitoes, ticks, bedbugs – they all give me a bad case of the heebie-jeebies. Ticks can be carriers of Lyme disease, which is a nasty enough illness all on its own. Since you asked specifically about Lyme, I’ll assume that you’ve already been diagnosed, and will save the “how do I know if I have Lyme disease” list for another time.

The bacterium that causes Lyme disease is a spirochete, similar in structure to the bacterium that causes syphilis. And, like syphilis, the Lyme bacteria can cause multiple symptoms throughout your entire body, and can therefore be extremely difficult to diagnose. Most Lyme sufferers have been through a battery of tests, and getting a “positive” reading on the Western Blot can become cause for celebration, merely because you now have a REASON for feeling as badly as you do.

As I’m sure you’re already aware, the common medical treatment for Lyme disease is a long-term course of several different antibiotics, oral and/or intravenous. Now, if you’ve read my introduction, y’all already know how I feel about the long-term use of antibiotics. This is not to say you shouldn’t try that attempt to cure-but I do believe that research will bear out that homeopathic remedies are just as effective in the long run. Thankfully, physicians have been asking their patients what has worked for them, and many have actually listened.

Herbal remedies for Lyme disease usually consist of a regimen which lasts 90-100 days, and use supplements and amino acids such as L-Arginine, N Acetyl Cysteine, and Taurine. Another plan is to use Cumanda Extract and Samento Extract. Now, these aren’t exactly things that you have just laying around in your cupboards, so how ’bout we try to find some additional easy things you can try?

 1.) Flush your kidneys by drinking lots of water. 84 ounces of water per day would not be excessive. All that water pushes toxins out of your system. While you’re at it, limit or exclude caffeine and alcohol from your liquid repertoire. It certainly can’t hurt.

2.) Get active. Exercise as much as you’re able, given your symptoms. If you can break a sweat, that’s even better, as sweating is another way the body gets rid of toxic substances.

3.) Exfoliate. Use a salt or sugar scrub, or even a body brush on your skin once or twice per day. Keeping the dead skin cells from blocking sweat glands encourages new cell growth and helps you sweat out the undesirable intruding toxins.

4.) Eat fresh food. I realize that this sounds incredibly simplistic, but the typical American diet consists of far too many artificial flavors and colorings, additives, and over-processed foods. And don’t discard the peels; much of nutrition and health is lost if you peel your fruits and veggies before consumption. Usually, a good scrubbing is all they require. (We like to grow our own as much as we can, out here in the Boondocks, but we realize that that option isn’t open to everyone. Just try to buy natural produce as frequently as possible.)

5.) Pray and/or Meditate. Now, Granny’s not trying to meddle here, but there is much to be said for the power of the Unseen. While I won’t use this space as a launching platform to promote my own faith, meditation and prayer are proven healers. Plus, concentrating on something outside of your own body helps you re-center and retain a positive attitude, and a positive attitude always promotes the health of the body. Isn’t it cool how that works?

Of course, preventing a tick from latching on to your body in the first place is always the best option, but Granny’s not about to tell you how to close the barn door after the horse has already run off. We’ll deal with prevention at a different time. Hang in there-I know that the symptoms must be very difficult to overcome, and you must just be purely tired of trying right now. But keep on keepin’ on, as we say here in the sticks. Granny’s proud of you.

Much love, big hugs,


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