Can you love a birth child and adopted or step child the same way?

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Can you love an adopted child or step child as much as one you have by birth?

To that I answer a very definite yes for an adopted child and that goes the same for step children too. I am an adoptive parent AND a step parent and I can guarantee you I could not love my children any more if I had carried them in me rather than adopting or being blessed enough to get a second by marriage. I have talked to adopting parents who worry about this possibility but I say the same thing to them. Once you hold that child for the first time and know he or she is your child, a child who will call you mommy or daddy, there isn’t a doubt that you can love that child with the same depth and ferocity that you would love a child you carried as a woman or fathered as a man. A child is simply a child a little human being. Adopted or by birth they need the same guidance, love, teaching, rules and nurturing that every child needs. If your child is sick or hurting, you are not going to stop and think whether or not you love that child as much as a child by birth, then refuse to take care of them because they aren’t. You very simple DO love them that way. They become a part of you and a part of your life. You experience the same pride at their accomplishments, joy at their happiness, disappointment when they disobey, fear when they are ill or hurt, frustration when they don’t listen and overwhelming love that they are YOUR children. You plan and hope for them and you work and play with them. A family can be made of many different types of members. Yes you do love an adoptive child as much as one by birth. My daughter is MY daughter. My son is MY son. It is very simple. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Can you love a birth child and adopted or step child the same way?"

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