Do all Canadians speak French?

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Do all Canadians speak French?

Although Canada is officially considered a bilingual country, using both French and English, not every Canadian speaks French. Most areas require that both languages be taught in schools, but a lot of people in Canada never go beyond the basics that they are required to learn, if they even learn French at all. The country has more English speaking citizens and residents than French speaking citizens and residents, but people who predominantly speak either one or the other will vehemently stand up for their chosen language. Many people speak both languages. Many products in Canada come with labels that are printed both in French and in English because both languages are considered official languages of Canada. Sometimes street signs or business signs are in both languages and sometimes they are not. If you go to an area that is more predominantly French Canadian, you are more likely to see French spoken and displayed in a more predominant manner than you will in areas where English is more predominant. It is definitely a plus to be able to speak both languages to increase your job opportunities and for communication purposes, but it is not a requirement everywhere to be able to speak French fluently in Canada. Many Canadian citizens and residents refuse to speak it at all and feel that English should be the only official language. There are arguments on both sides of course. But no, not every Canadian speaks French. There are areas of Canada where it is barely spoken at all. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Do all Canadians speak French?"

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