Do you have any advice for starting the adoption process?

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I would like to adopt a child but I don’t even know where to start. Do you have any advice?

You need to decide which kind of adoption you are going for and whether you are planning on adopting in the country you are from and residing in or from another country. The processes for each have some similarities but some are much more involved than others. If you are dealing with another country, you are going to be faced with red tape and legal requirements from both places in order to adopt. Adoption is generally an expensive process. That makes it sound so cold but this is a business like any other and costs for everything have to be covered. That is just a reality. You can’t make payments either the way you do for a house or a car. The money is required as you go along in most cases, so it is best to have all the resources already in place before you even start the process. Make sure you find out what those costs will be ahead of time. Be aware there are often costs not included, like documentation fees required along the way and items you may have to take with you for out of country adoptions. Many places will require that you show proof that you can pay for the adoption before they even consider taking you on as a client. The last thing you want to happen is have the adoption stopped because of lack of funds. Check with other families who have gone the same route you choose to go. They are often the best resources around because they have already had to jump all the hoops and run all the obstacle courses already. Adoption involves a lot of time and paperwork too. Be prepared for that. It is frustrating but it is necessary. Also be aware that rules and regulations may change midstream. You often have no choice but to go along with what is required of you especially if you are dealing with another country. Find yourself a good reputable agency. Some places won’t even deal with parents who wish to adopt without one. The agencies know the ins and outs of each area and each type of adoption. Do you research on the agencies too. Just because they say they are reputable does not mean they are. Ask to speak to families who have dealt with them before and check to see if any complaints have been filed against them. Protect yourself no matter what type of adoption you are planning on trying for. Adoption is a lot of work and sometimes even comes with heartache and frustration. Always keep the end goal in mind. That makes the endless red tape and waiting much more bearable. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Do you have any advice for starting the adoption process?"

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