Do you have any techniques to soothe a child?

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Do you have any techniques for helping to soothe a child when they are upset or trying to relax and go to sleep?

There are the typical things like a favourite stuffed animal or a safe blanket or pillow. I learned to buy two of whatever the favourite stuffed animal or blanket is because they wear them out and once in awhile one can get lost on an outing. Then you are in trouble because nothing else is as good if they are very attached to it. Favourite music, book or a familiar story, especially repeated ones about them. Sometimes you just have to hold them and make them feel safe to get them to calm down. One thing that has worked well for me with many children including my own is some sort of rhythmical rubbing, scratching or tickling. Remember though you are trying to calm them not tickle them to make them laugh. My son likes to have his forehead tickled with my fingertips sometimes but what works best for him is tickling the palm of his hand in small circles over and over while I repeatedly sing him a simple childhood song. It is the only thing that consistently relaxes him. In fact sometimes it is the final thing that can send him off to sleep when he is fighting to stay awake at night. My daughter likes to be tickled on the back in large circles, over and over until the rhythm of it helps her calm down or up and down her arms and on her neck. She also loves to be read to and it doesn’t matter what I read to her from spooky stories to poetry or adventures or anything else. She just likes the sound of my voice. Try a number of techniques and whatever works with your child, stick with it. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Do you have any techniques to soothe a child?"

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