Do you have some ideas for natural air fresheners?

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I would like some ideas for natural air fresheners. I am terribly allergic to all those chemical and perfume sprays they sell at the stores. Do you have any simple ideas?

Some of the best air fresheners are the simplest ones, and they won’t put harmful chemicals into the environment or fill up landfills with empty packaging either. In fact these natural air fresheners are either totally recyclable or are growing plants that make the air cleaner. Try buying or planting a few fresh herbs to put in pots indoors. The double benefit is not only will they help you keep the air fresher and cleaner, they are easy to harvest and use in your food. Use a couple of kinds of fresh basil to begin with. When you want a quick fresh smell in the air, just pinch a few of the basil leaves to release the smell into the air. Rosemary is another herb that has a wonderful smell. You can rub or pinch the needles. Parsley has a nice fresh crisp smell too and is easy to grow. If you don’t want to grow any, just get some fresh from the grocers and add it to a flower arrangement or make a small herb arrangement in a vase in the offending areas. Pinch the leaves periodically with your fingernails to release the smell. Cutting fresh oranges or lemons is another simple trick. Cut the wedges and put them in a small bowl where you need them, then give them a squeeze or two to release the pungent fresh smell into the air. These are simple natural ways to freshen the air. Don’t forget to open the windows now and then to just let some fresh air help the situation. Enjoy the clean air! Mama Nono

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The answer to "Do you have some ideas for natural air fresheners?"

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