Do you have to tip maids in hotels?

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Do you have to tip maids in hotels?

You don’t have to tip anyone if you don’t want to unless it is included in the price of something like prepaid group dinners for example. But it is a nice practice to acknowledge the people who work hard to keep your hotel or motel room clean and stocked with the necessities of a hotel stay. Many people tip everybody from the bellboys to luggage carriers because those people are right in front of them but the maids are often not seen at all or behind the scenes, so they often are forgotten when it comes to tipping. I am guilty of forgetting to tip the maids myself sometimes. I try to add a little whimsy to my tips when I do remember by folding a paper bill into a simple origami shape and leaving it somewhere where the maid can find the tip easily like in an ashtray in smoking allowed rooms or by the telephone or on the desk or leaving it with some candy. In my mind’s eye I imagine the smile when they find the maids tip with that tiny little bit of extra effort to acknowledge that they are there and doing a good job. I am not of the persuasion though that tips are an automatic thing. Some places do not allow tipping and it is frowned upon in other countries at times. A tip is both an acknowledgment of the job and of something done well, a reward of sorts. If they aren’t doing their job correctly though, a tip reinforces bad service. Being a maid is hard work that often gets ignored. So if you see a good job being done, then acknowledge it with a tip. Leaving a maid a tip is showing appreciation for something that makes your hotel or motel stay more pleasant, even if it is behind the scenes. Another nice thing you can do is to comment on excellent maid service to the people working the front desk or to a hotel manager if you can’t tell the maid directly to their face. A good review from a client only helps the maids. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Do you have to tip maids in hotels?"

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