Do you know of any natural ant repellents that are safe indoors?

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Do you know of any natural ant repellents that are safe to use in my house? I don’t want poisons or ant traps around with my little ones who try to get into everything.

Ants have invaded my house many times when the rains are really heavy or there hasn’t been rain in awhile and the ground outside is very dry. Now I know to watch for any signs of them trying to invade my house. Try to prevent them getting in the house in the first place. They seem to be attracted to sweet things like sugar so be sure to put your sugar away in sealed plastic containers. Wipe off your counters and keep the sinks clean and dry. If there is less to attract them in the first place they are less likely to come into your home. You can use vinegar or lemon juice when you wipe the counters down, especially in the areas you may have seen ants in your home before. You can even try spraying a little vinegar from a spray bottle on the entry points for the ants. That may help. The one method that I have used that helped me was to crush up fresh mint leaves or use crushed cloves. Then spread them at the entry points and areas the ants are heading towards. I have also heard of pouring some cayenne pepper or ground cinnamon in the same areas. It is a line of defence against the ant invaders. They don’t like to cross over the cinnamon or cayenne. All of these are environmentally sound methods to rid your house of ants. These methods aren’t toxic chemicals that the children or any pets can get into and get poisoned by. March those ants out. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Do you know of any natural ant repellents that are safe indoors?"

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