How can I bathe my big dog without a tub?

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How can I bathe my big dog without having to climb in the tub? We have a shower stall but the head won’t reach her very well.

I had this problem too and my dog doesn’t like going over the edge of the tub. In the summertime we often bathe her outside with cool water to help her cope with the heat unless she is really dirty and needs a good warm water scrub down. It is kind of fun to bathe the dog in the heat and gives us a good excuse for getting the hose out and getting all of us wet. Inside we added a new shower head in the shower stall. It isn’t just for her obviously but it made bathing her a lot easier. If it is in your budget consider getting a nice adjustable shower head from the hardware store with a long hose attachment. In the long run it is cheaper than taking the dog to a dog groomer. The long hose makes it easy to wash all parts of the dog and rinse her thoroughly. It is really important not to leave soapy residue on the dog. I can scrub her with one hand and rinse her off with the other. The trick at first was keeping her from jumping out of the shower since she isn’t over fond of bathing, unless it involves getting a rub down in the warm water, but I blocked it with a big chair so she wouldn’t try. The shower heads are not overly difficult to install so you should be able to follow instructions and put it on even if you aren’t super handy. Make sure you get one that fits on your piping and fixtures. If you want the cheapest version, get one that slips over a faucet head. They are rubber and they have them at many drugstores. One other tip is to keep the towels right by the exit from the shower so you can throw one over the dog immediately after the shower and towel her off. Otherwise she will jump out and shake the water all over the place. Since she is a big dog, get a couple good sized towels to dry her with. Their fur holds a lot of water. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I bathe my big dog without a tub?"

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