How can I block noises when I am trying to sleep?

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How can I get rid of all the noises while I try to sleep? It seems like every little sudden sound keeps me awake or wakes me up.

You can try ear plugs but personally I find those annoying. They may work for you though. You can get inexpensive ones at the drugstore or discount store. They may be worth a try. Some people swear by them. What has worked best for me is white noise, that is loud enough to block out sharp sounds and quick disturbances but not so loud that it becomes a problem itself. White noise is basically a steady continuous noise at an acceptable level that runs in the background, so you don’t really notice it. Different sounds may work for different people. There are white sound machines that work well. They run constantly until you want them off. Some come with timers. You can also buy CDs or tapes that play soothing white noises or nature sounds. If you opt for the nature sounds, see if you can listen to the whole thing before you spend money on it. I had one that had a lovely rain sound but it was recorded in a natural setting with a bird that would chirp on occasion, so that didn’t work at all for me. The rain was nice and then just as I got relaxed the bird would chirp and annoy me. What I found works best for me is a very simple household item. I use an oscillating fan. The one I have has three levels of power so I can set it on whichever one will work best for me that night. If there is more noise around, I set it on a higher power. It is amazing what noises that normally bother me get washed out with the white noise from the fan. You don’t have to have it blowing on you, just running in the room. You may have to experiment to find the white noise that works for you but give it a try. Sleep well! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I block noises when I am trying to sleep?"

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