How can I choose the right makeup?

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None of my makeup looks any good on me. Do you have any advice for finding the right blends/brands of makeup?

Granny laughed when she saw this question and said it was all mine. Something about ehr natural response being, “Why do you want to cover your natural beauty with all that garbage?” I said, “Granny, is you’re covering up your natural beauty, you’re doing it wrong.” Seriously though, this is soemthing more young women than you know struggle with. The problem is the rules of makeup were different when our mother’s learned them and guess who we learn from? that’s right, women whose knowledge is 20 or 30 years out of date who learned from women whose knowledge was 20 or 30 years out of date. The best advice is to see a professional. Getting a professional makeup over can be expensive and is certainly worth the money if you can afford it, but there are other options. Merle Norman, Clinique and Estee Lauder all offer free makeovers when you visit their makeup counter at the local department store or, in the case of Merle Norman, free-standing store. Better yet, if you have a few friends that have the same problem, host a makeover party. One way to do this is to actually ahve an Avon or Mary Kay representative set up a makeover party for you. Another option is to just gab with the girls. Grab all your friends and tell them to bring their leftover makeup, buy a box of cotton swabs to use as applicators, get a decent bottle of makeup remover –witch hazel works very nicely–and dedicate the afternoon to self-makeovers. A lot of the best makeup solutions come through trial and error and if you all are sitting around trying new makeup, you’re bound to come up with some new ideas. Remember not to share mascara or applicators, that’s what the swabs are for. Get a good bottle of wine, turn on some music and have a modern slumber party (though midday parties are also acceptable). After all, we learn best from our friends.

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The answer to "How can I choose the right makeup?"

Question asked on May 13, 2008at 11:58 am:: Comments (1)

Mama, you’ve come a long way from the very first time you put on makeup. You were about four years old, and looked like some sort of tribal queen with lipstick and blue eyeshadow in stripes on your face! Your advice on this one is excellent. One thing Granny’s considering trying is this newfangled mineral makeup that is supposed to look natural without harming your skin. Have you tried this out yet? I know that there are many companies which offer it. Still, a part of me feels that I’d might just as well go out to the garden and rub dirt on my face rather than spend good money on minerals, though! Of course, when you get to be my age, wrinkles are badges, visible signs of a life well-lived. Just don’t try to count them for me, or I’ll make you weed the garden!!


Posted by: Granny on May 15, 2008 at 12:39 pm

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