How can I clean my ceiling fans?

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How can I clean my ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans are a wonderful thing to have but they are a pain to clean. It is possible to do it though. One way is to use a ladder to clean the ceiling fan. Make sure you use a ladder that is secure and tall enough to reach without having to balance yourself on a high ladder rung with no support to hold on to. Use a long handled duster to clean the whole blade while you are up on the ladder. Then rotate the fan to the next blade and clean it. Continue dusting until you have turned the whole fan and cleaned it. The long handle will allow you to reach into the center of the ceiling fan without staining to reach it on the ladder. You don’t want to throw yourself off balance. Ceiling fans gather a lot of dust so you will have to clean up the area on the floor after you are finished dusting it. Another easier way to do it is to invest in a long handled duster that is specifically designed to bend and dust the top of the ceiling fan blades while you are standing on the floor. The handle is adjustable and telescopes for different heights of fans. Once you are done with it, since it telescopes, it can be collapsed and made smaller for storage in a broom closet again. It can also be used to dust other high objects like cobwebs in high corners which are impossible to reach, especially in rooms with extra high ceilings. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I clean my ceiling fans?"

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