How can i clean my ears without using a cotton swab?

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How can I clean my ears without using a cotton swab?

You can clean your ears without using a cotton swab. The best time to clean your ears is when you take a shower or bath and wash your hair. The moisture and warm or hot water that runs into your ears loosens the dirt and excess earwax. You do not have to do it right in the shower or bath but you should clean them while there is still moisture in your ears. Use a clean, damp washcloth or washrag. Make sure the water you use on the washcloth or washrag is not cold. Do not add soaps or cleansers to the washcloth. Just use the warm or hot water. Gently clean both the inside and outside of your ears by putting the warm damp cloth over the tip of your finger. Slowly work the washcloth around the crevices and folds of your ears using the pressure of your fingertip to work on areas that are more difficult to clean. Be particularly careful around the opening that leads directly into your eardrum. One of the reasons they say not to use cotton swabs deep in your ear is that you may inadvertently push dirt further into your ear instead of pulling it out. There is also the danger that you may push too far into the ear canal and possibly damage your eardrum. If you have really impacted ears there are drops available that can help loosen the excess earwax or you can go see an ear, nose and throat specialist to help you remove troublesome blockage. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can i clean my ears without using a cotton swab?"

Question asked on October 28, 2010at 7:00 pm:: Comments (1)

A few drops of peroxide in each ear will clean ear wax, bugs, debris, etc. from your ears.

Simply tilt your head to the side, add peroxide and allow to fizzle. Once the fizzling has stopped, drain. If the fizzle has not stopped after 15 seconds, drain and repeat this process once more.

Posted by: Rose on January 22, 2011 at 9:31 pm

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