How can I control the Halloween candy my kids eat?

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I don’t mind all the Halloween candy but I don’t want my kids chowing down on it for weeks after. What can I do?

If your kids are like mine, sometimes they come home with pounds and pounds of candy that they can’t possibly eat in a short time even though I think they would be more than willing to try.. If they tried to eat it all at once, I would have to peel them off the walls from the sugar high, not to mention probably have to deal with a couple of sick kids for a day or two. Let them have a fun time for a day or so then make a container for each child’s candy. Make sure you keep each one separate so they don’t squawk about another sibling getting some of their candy. Label them. You can even get them in on the fun and give them each a shoe box or some kind of container to decorate and out their name on. Then they will know it is still theirs. Then put the containers somewhere where you have more control over how much of the Halloween candy they are eating and when they are eating it. Put it in a kitchen cupboard or pantry. If they are really sneaky as some kids can be especially where sweets are concerned, put their containers in the closet in your own room and only bring them out once in awhile, or when you feel it is appropriate. If you really don’t want them to have it all, take some of it down to a local food charity place where it would be appreciated as a treat. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I control the Halloween candy my kids eat?"

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