How can I decide what to spend on a wedding gift?

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I read all these guidelines about how much I should spend on a wedding gift, but I have a really limited income and those guidelines are too rich for my blood. What should I do? I need to get a wedding gift.

Wedding gift guides show a normal or acceptable amount to spend depending on your relationship to the bride or groom. They are only meant to be a guide, not the be all and end all deciding factor about how much you should spend for a wedding gift. That has to be up to you, not some social guide. Unfortunately many people feel cornered into spending more than they can afford to or even really want to spend based on preset social etiquette guidelines. They can make you feel like a real skinflint, when you can’t compete with people who have access to more funds or simply have a better income and more free spending cash. This is sort of the keeping up with the Joneses version of gift giving for weddings. A gift is supposed to be simply that, a gift. It is not meant to be a social gauge or a competition between givers and wedding guests. You give what you feel you can give, and you have to be fair to yourself and your own budget. That is not a slur against your friend. That is just your reality and you have to live within the borders of your own reality moneywise. Any real friend will understand that kind of reality even if they aren’t in the same boat you are. Anybody who receives a gift should be gracious enough to thank you for any kind of thoughtfulness no matter how large or small. Give from you, not your pocketbook or from some etiquette guide that has no clue about your budget. Go to the wedding and celebrate the day with the bride and groom. That in itself is a gift too. Enjoy the wedding! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I decide what to spend on a wedding gift?"

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