How can I fight motion sickness in a car or plane?

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How can I fight motion sickness when I fly or ride in a car?

To fight motion sickness there are prescription and over the counter medications that you can take. But they can knock you out for a while and that is not always feasible if you need to be alert immediately after the trip or the trip is not long enough for the medications to wear out before you get where you are going. On a plane, try to get the seat arrangement that works best for you. Some people swear by the window seat as it gives them something to focus on and a less trapped feeling. Don’t eat a big heavy meal before you take off and stay away from the in flight alcoholic drinks. Bring an activity to focus on that will distract you, a movie, a laptop, whatever works for you. In a car it may be different. Reading in a car can make some people feel worse. Keep your eyes ahead. Having air blowing on you from the window or vents can help alleviate some of the motion sickness. Don’t watch things rushing by next to the car. That can increase the vertigo and nausea. Focus further out or straight ahead if you look out the car windows. If you are old enough to drive, consider being the driver instead of the passenger. That helps to have the control and focus. Sit in the back seat instead of in the front if you are prone to car sickness. Bring a pillow. Bring your choice of drink. Sip it the same way you do if you have the flu. Don’t eat foods that will upset your stomach and increase the motion sickness. There are also herbal remedies for motion sickness. Learn what works for you and stick with it. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I fight motion sickness in a car or plane?"

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