How can I get a frozen car lock to unlock in the winter?

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How can I get a frozen car lock to unlock in the winter?

It might help to warm the key up and there a number of ways you can do that. One way to warm up your key so you can open the frozen lock is to warm it up with a hair dryer before you even leave the house. You can use a hair dryer on the actual lock itself too if you have an extension cord that can go outside and the snow or cold. You can set your keys on a warm stove top too. If you are not near your house when you cannot get your car door lock to work in the cold, then try warming it up with a lighter. You want to be careful though because it will get hot. There are store bought products that will de- ice your lock. If this is something that is happening to you a lot, then you might want to go to an auto supply store and pick up a small container of de-icer to carry around with you. Do not lock it in the car though or you will defeat the purpose of buying it to begin with. These methods of unfreezing a car lock may also work if you get frozen door locks going into your house or any other building. To avoid this problem at home, if you have the option of parking your car in the garage, it is better to park it there. Do not struggle with a key in really frigid temperatures. You might break the key in the lock. Be patient and work it open carefully. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I get a frozen car lock to unlock in the winter?"

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