How can I get my kids involved in recycling?

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How can I encourage my kids to get involved in recycling?

To begin with, kids follow what they see, so if they see you recycling consistently they will see that as part of a normal routine and follow suit. You can have them help you set up specific bins for times that can be recycled like bins for aluminum cans, bottles, newspaper and so forth if your area does not provide those already. To really get kids interested in that have them help decorate or paint the bins. Keep them in an area of your house or garage that they have easy access too so they can help deposit the items that need recycling in the appropriate bins. To get them involved outside of the house, have them get involved with you in a neighborhood cleanup or beautification project that involves cleaning up and recycling the found items. Go on or set up a can and bottle drive to raise money for a charity or group. You can also arrange to visit a local recycling plant to see how they recycle all the items that are brought in to be recycled. You may have to check ahead of time to see which ones allow visitors. When you take cans or bottles in to be recycled for cash, have the kids go along with you to help. You could even make that a source of fun event or spending money that they help to earn by recycling in your home. Show your kids what things can be recycled to make arts and crafts too. Create recycled art. If you make recycling a part of your every days lives with the children, they will learn how to recycle and the importance of doing it. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I get my kids involved in recycling?"

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