How can I get runny deviled eggs

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How can I get my deviled eggs to stiffen? Every time I make them and try to fill the eggs they look runny.

There are many different recipes for deviled eggs. Some people prefer them made with mayonnaise or salad dressing and some prefer them made with cream cheese. You can even do a combination of the two. I mix mine with mustard and paprika too. You may be using too much soft ingredient when you are mashing or blending in the cooked yellow of the egg. That would be the mayonnaise or mustard or even spices like hot sauce. Try only adding a little at a time even if you have a preset recipe since eggs can vary in size and there may be less yolk to mix in for smaller eggs. Then use a power mixer to mix the ingredients together after you have smashed the cooked egg yolk in the bowl. The back of a fork works well for smashing them. Using the mixer will make the filling mixture for your deviled eggs more uniform. Try adding some softened creamed cheese to the mixture. The texture is thicker than mayonnaise even after it is softened, so it will keep the mixture stiffer when you add the mayonnaise and mustard or whatever your personal favourite ingredients are. Make sure your eggs are completely chilled before you start mixing everything together too. If the eggs are still warm, that can make your deviled egg filling more runny because the warmth of the eggs will start to dissolve the filling. After everything is mixed and you fill the empty egg whites, be sure to put them back in the refrigerator and chill some more. Keep them there until you are ready to serve the deviled eggs. Don’t leave them sitting out. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I get runny deviled eggs"

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