How can I get to sleep in a heat wave with no air conditioner?

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I don’t have air conditioning for this heat wave so besides the obvious fan and cool drinks what can I do to stay cool, especially at bedtime when I toss and turn and can’t get to sleep in the heat?

You asked the right person for this question. I don’t sleep well in the heat at all, so over the years I have tried all kinds of methods to stay cool where there is no air conditioning. The fan is definitely a plus but you can get more out of it than just turning it on and letting it run. Use it to its full potential. Try taking a cool or cold shower, but don’t dry off completely when you get out of the shower. Sit or stand in front of the fan and let it blow on your wet skin. It does help some. You can always jump in the cool shower again and repeat it if the heat is just too unbearable. Sometimes that initial cooling is all you need to relax enough to fall asleep. Another little trick I use that helps some is refilling empty plastic water bottles with water and freezing them. Then you can put a couple of them in your bed to hold onto or move from one hot spot to another on your body. In fact I do that while I am writing too. Make sure you don’t fill them to the top though or they will explode when the water expands while it freezes. Only fill them about three quarters full. You help the environment too by recycling the plastic bottles and not running an air conditioner. You can refreeze and reuse them over and over again. You can put your pillow case in the freezer or refrigerator too before bedtime and cool it off. It feels more refreshing that way. Keep cool! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I get to sleep in a heat wave with no air conditioner?"

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