How can I have a fire in my fireplace and not use real logs?

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I love having a fire in the fireplace at winter time but I am allergic to the natural wood smoke. Do you have any suggestions so I can still enjoy a nice fire?

Wood does not always burn clean and once the smoke permeates the room it is hard to get the smoke out of the air without opening all the windows and doors to air it out. That kind of defeats the purpose of having a fire in your fireplace in the first place if you are going to chill the whole room to get the smoke smell out. You could consider installing a gas burning flame in your fireplace if that is in your budget.. Some of them even come with fairly realistic looking logs that look like they are really burning. Once you are done with the fire, you simply turn a knob or switch to extinguish the flame. You lose some of the crackle sound by using a gas fire but you will still get warmth and the visual fire. Another option I have tried and really like since I have the same problem that you do is to use the premade compressed logs. They come in different sizes and the larger ones can burn for a few hours. They are really easy to light too. You don’t have to build a fire, you just start them. They actually make a good starter for a regular wood fire too. One advantage to these is they not only burn cleaner in the house, they burn cleaner inside your fireplace and help keep the residue buildup down on the inside of the chimney walls. That is a safety feature too. If you really can’t take any wood or wood product, just set up a bunch of candles inside the fireplace. It looks quite nice especially if you set them on different heights of candle stick holders. Enjoy the fire! Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I have a fire in my fireplace and not use real logs?"

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