How can I help my child learn to read using games and activities?

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What games can I use to encourage my child to use and improve her reading skills so she doesn’t even realize she is doing it? She is fighting learning to read.

Sometimes learning to read can be frightening or frustrating for kids. Sometimes it isn’t lack of capability. It might be lack of self confidence and positive reinforcement. Some kids need different ways to learn to reinforce what they are absorbing. You are right in guessing that using games might be one answer. She will be reading, but playing at the same time so the fun activity becomes a motivator in itself, and one where she won’t fear judgment or mistakes. Try playing restaurant with her. Let her pick the menu items or do them together. Give her a pad of paper or an erasable board and have her create her own concoctions on the menu. They don’t have to make sense and they can have made up names. Then have her go around to family members and take orders. You can have her include prices tell her to print out receipts for each customer. Another play method that helps is pretending to own a shop. Have her pick a bunch of items to sell then pretend to be her customer going in to ask for help. If there is only you and her to play, do different voices and be different customers. Then have her write up the items on her own receipts. These are both good ways to teach math skills too if you use play money and help her to learn how to give the proper change. Reading doesn’t always have to be about practice lessons. It can be fun and in the process your daughter won’t even care that she is reading and writing. The more you get into the games, the more she will too. Learning can be fun. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I help my child learn to read using games and activities?"

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