How can I help my dog deal with the pain of arthritis?

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My dog has stiff joints from arthritis especially in the winter or cold wet months. How can I help her?

Some vets offer simple pain meds to help a dog deal with stiffness and achy joints but there are some other options too that can help your dog with her aches and pains from arthritis. Make sure she is getting exercise. Going for short walks gets her stiff joints moving and loosens them up. If you do it consistently with her it will help. You don’t have to go on marathon walks. The point is to get your dog moving. It is a healthy activity for both of you. Try giving her warm baths and massage her sore joints while she is in the water. Even big dogs can do this in a bathtub. Make sure you dry her off thoroughly afterwards so the cold air on her wet fur and skin doesn’t stiffen her up again. Invest in an inexpensive hand massager either one you do the work with or a battery operated one. Test it on your own body and joints to see how it feels. Not only will your dog get the massage, which will help her stiffness and aches but she will be getting attention from you which will lift her spirits and help your dog to relax at the same time. Massage her with your hands if buying a massager isn’t an option. Be aware that some activities are difficult and very painful with arthritic joints for a dog or even for a person to do. Steps or big jumps can be painful. If she is large dog and you can’t lift her, give her some kind of ramp or smaller stepping system if she will need to get in and out of the car or outside. Small dogs can be lifted into the car or carried outside. Get you clues from what helps her or hurts her arthritis from your dog herself. Watch her and interact with her to see what works to help relieve her stiffness and joint pain from arthritis. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I help my dog deal with the pain of arthritis?"

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