How can I keep mosquitoes away from my yard?

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How can I keep mosquitoes away from my yard?

Mosquitoes can carry a nasty virus. They are also an annoyance to have around even if they just bite and carry no dangerous germ. Maintaining your yard is the best way to keep them away. Don’t leave unnecessary areas with sitting water. That draws the mosquitoes. Water your garden and lawn in the early morning. It will dry out as the day progresses. Make sure your hose coupling is not leaking and dripping water that sits around. Don’t leave kiddy pools uncovered. Find a way to cover them up at night and during the day if they are not emptied out after each use. Empty the kiddie pools out if they are not being used for long periods so the water doesn’t sit there drawing mosquitoes in. (Use the water for watering plants. Don’t just onbeforeunload=”[object]” onafterprint=”[object]” top=”[object]” location=”[object]” parent=”[object]” offscreenBuffering=”auto” frameElement=”[object]” onerror=”[object]” screen=”[object]” event=”[object]” clipboardData=”[object]” onresize=”[object]” defaultStatus=”” onblur=”[object]” window=”[object]” onload=”[object]” onscroll=”[object]” screenTop=110 onfocus=”[object]” Option=”[object]” length=2 onbeforeprint=”[object]” frames=”[object]” self=”[object]” clientInformation=”[object]” XMLHttpRequest=”[object]” external=”[object]” screenLeft=0 opener=”[undefined]” onunload=”[object]” document=”[object]” closed=false history=”[object]” Image=”[object]” navigator=”[object]” status=”” onhelp=”[object]” name=”” oDCfauxCSS=”[object]” iMinWordCount=”250″ iWordCount=280 bSkipExport=false o=”[object]” oSpinners=”[object]” oSpinnersTime=”[object]” oW3c=”[object]” oDebug=”[object]” oErrors=”[object]” oRequests=”[object]” oXMLsubjects=”[object]” oSearchPanel=”[object]” oSearchForm=”[object]” oSearchTableDIV=”[object]” oSearchFor=”[object]” oSearchSubject=”[object]” oSearchType=”[object]” oExcluding=”[object]” oSearchAnswerField=”[object]” oSearchQuestionField=”[object]” oAccountSummery=”[object]” oASQuser_name=”[object]” oASQuser_total_answered=”[object]” oASQuser_answers_paid=”[object]” oASQuser_earning_answer=”[object]” oASQtotal_due=”[object]” oBrowsePosition=”[object]” oWYSIWYGquestion=”[object]” oQuestionTitle=”[object]” oDCrich_QuestionTextDisplay00=”[object]” oQuestionTextDisplay=”[object]” oWYSIWYGeditor=”[object]” oEditorPosition=”[object]” oDCrich_textEditor11=”[object]” oTextEditor=”[object]” oWYSIWYGform=”[object]” oWYSIWYGcommand=”[object]” oSave=”[object]” oCancel=”[object]” oCheckout=”[object]” oDelete=”[object]” oEdit_id=”[object]” oEdit_content=”[object]” oQUERYricheditLoad=”select * from question where question_id=’10726′” oJSONricheditLoad=”[object]” oXMLricheditLoad=”[object]” szQuery_Lock=”” bAlreadyAnswered=false oSpy=”[object]” it and waste it.) If you have an outdoor fish pond consider adding frogs to the area. The frogs will help keep mosquitoes at bay. Dragonflies are a natural deterrent to mosquitoes too. They may look fierce but they are wonderful garden helpers. Pick up toys that may hold water, like shovels, pails,sand building tools, building cups, play kitchen pots and pans, wagons, toy cars anything with a cup shape that can hold water. Encourage family members to pick up after themselves. Make sure gutters are cleaned out and not holding material that will retain moisture or hold the water back from draining properly. Make sure the bottoms of the drain spouts can drain out properly away from the house and dry up after a rain. Anything that holds sitting water can potentially attract mosquitoes. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I keep mosquitoes away from my yard?"

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