How can I keep my adult girls out of my personal belongings?

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My adult girls have no respect for my personal property in my room. They get into everything from shoes to make up to clothing and jewelry and then I can’t find it when I need it myself. What can I do?

I suppose it is a compliment of sorts that your adult daughters like mom’s taste in things. But it is time to lay down some rules and make them understand and respect your boundaries both as their mother and as another person. Moms do have rights and their own lives and belongings. This is your home. You are the mom. That is your personal property. They have their own stuff. If they act like children, then treat them like they are acting. It might help get the point across. That is your personal property, not theirs. I doubt they would appreciate it if you were getting into their things and helping yourself to what they have. Sometimes kids, even adult ones, seem to think they have a right to your stuff because you are mom and they are part of the family. If this is really a bone of contention for you, then tell your girls point blank that they may not use anything of yours anymore. Tell them they have abused the privilege and you are tired of them helping themselves to what they want and not respecting you enough to ask or even return what doesn’t belong to them.. If they are adults they can go earn it themselves. If you have to, put a lock on your closet or cupboard doors if they still won’t respect your wishes, or lock your room. It seems extreme and ridiculous but maybe that will make them realize what an intrusion on your privacy it is and learn to respect what is yours. They are adults now; they should be able to handle this. Mama Nono

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The answer to "How can I keep my adult girls out of my personal belongings?"

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